seeger solutions - profile
seeger solutions - profile

Who We Are

We are an owner-managed medium-sized company. Our organization has a reliable, consistent team with a low-profile hierarchy. Everything from planning to implementation works together hand-in-hand.

For more than 70 years we have been experts designing and creating exhibition stands in the European trade fair and exhibition business.


Who Our Customers Are

Our customers are without exception "repeat offenders". They are not hunting for the cheapest prices per square metre. Our customers include Caparol, Rothenberger, Bell Equipment or Dassault Systemes. Reliable organizing and construction is important to them, from one medium-sized business to another without crazy ideas or big mistakes.

seeger solutions - profile

Lettering Needs Space.

Jürgen Roßkopf

How We Work


Elaborated Projects Always Begin With Listening

We’ve had contact. Congrats. You’ve made the right decision – now we can get started. We want to know all the facts: for example, how big is your stand area, what's the shape, what’s your budget, what do you like, what do you have in mind, what are you exactly planning to do with your stand.

What CAN potentially be part of your stand, what is a MUST, what is a MUST NOT. Do you need a new concept or does a concept already exist, one that we can use and develop.


Designing And Visualizing Ideas

First we start with checking the exhibition details and studying the rules and regulations. We have to know where main power lines, water & waste, air pressure are coming from. Are suspensions possible and if so, where? Having your ideas from our briefing in mind, we can get creative. We keep logistic terms and budgets in mind. Ideas are scribbled down, sorted, changed, discussed and thrown out until everything is exactly right and we have found a concept to go with.

As soon as this is achived we can go into detail. Elements must be available, joints need to fit, beams need to be reliable. Finally, when everything fits, we finalize the drawings and you will get the design concept and an offer. After that – in cooperation with you – we may adjust and change.


Everything From One Source – Fullservice

Once we receive your order we get in touch with the fair management and begin organizing all the services and placing the orders accordingly (construction aproval, health & safety, fire regulations, main power, water & waste connections, slings). Logistics need to be organized, trucks and people need to be scheduled, hotel rooms have to be ordered, 3rd party services, too (forklifters, etc.). Lists of parts are made, material gets ordered.

Eventually the factory team gets involved: they sort and bundle system pieces, pack the furniture, lamps, cables, switchboards. The carpenters produce custom-made elements.

After packing, loading, transportation and buildup happens it is your turn: You arrive at the exhibition and take over your stand. We may do adjustments and assist “moving in” while you get ready.

Once the show is finished you can handover everything to our team and we will dismantle, pack, load and deliver everything back to our factory. Eventually all the pieces need to be sorted back to storage and/or trashed.

After the show is before the show.

seeger solutions - profile
seeger solutions - profile
What We Can – What We Want

Why Work With Us

Experienced Support

Right from the start  until thel first day of the show we manage and support your whole project. As much or as little, however complete as requested - working together hand-in-hand as such management can be.

Partner For Marketing Agencies

We speak the language of agencies. We do know what .ai and .eps, .innd. or .dxf are. We love it when texts and images have space and proportions are just right. Marketing agencies need competent skilled craftwork.

Made To Measure

Life is too short for bad projects. We want our projects to be really good in the end. We want our customers to be happy with our custom-made stands.


We always stay transparent and provide detailed information at any stage of a project. There are no surprises regarding schedules, designs and costs.

Fair Costs

We don’t want to be cheap. And we won’t do everything for money, but almost. We keep track of your budget, we stick to our offers and deliver top quality with special attention to details. Our quality/price-ratio is simply sensational.

Professional Handover

Always personal, we are always there when you arrive and we are there to help and/or make any required adjustments. Our exhibition stands are not bulkware.

seeger solutions - profile

Life is too short for bad projects.

Michael Weibrecht


Our Service Range

conventional construction methods and modern systems - individual

reliability, of course

advertising material for trade fair preparation and post-processing

graphics and design in-house

carpentry, metalworking and electric workshop in-house

convincing price/performance ratio

seeger solutions - profile

And when a stand works really well, that's just awesome!

Susann Oßwald