Are you looking for a reliable partner who can manage your upcoming exhibition stands in the most representative way – and within a fair budget? Let’s get in touch. We can set up an appointment without obligation and you can find out what we have to offer.


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Michael Weibrecht

Managing Director

At the age of 14 he was already standing on a ladder fixing exhibition stands, when he wasn't listening to Neil Young. Ever since then he has implemented and managed countless projects. His best ideas come to mind while on his bike. Strangely enough, he always stays on top of things and already has a solution when others are still pulling their hair out – even though they have the proper hair styles.

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Susann Oßwald

Project Management

This interior designer is our central star in the office,  a focal point for everybody. She catches her worms earlier than the other birds, knows (almost) everything and designs the most beautiful exhibition stands on the side. She is delighted with good ideas. If these ideas don't just show up, then gummy bears come to the rescue.

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Marco Greis

Project Management

This master carpenter can even manage the balancing act – literally between factory, office and exhibition centres. We could tell you all about enchanting songs he whistles and about his contagious enthusiasm. Or stories from his days as a bike guide... 

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But, these are myths & legends. If you need an excellent exhibition stand, you should give us a call. Then you can indeed ride a bicycle, eat gummy bears or whistle a tune while we take care of everything else.

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